The hands on treatment by one of our qualified therapists is the most effective treatment but if you are interested in continuous self treatment or in learning Magnetic therapy please read on.


Magnets; where forces that we can not see, attract or repel- much like human emotions.

In practical use there are two main types of magnetism at work, electromagnets and permanent magnets. Electromagnets are those which are only magnetic while an electric current is passed though a coil of wire which surrounds the “magnet”. This is the working force in electric motors, dynamos, generators and even your Hi Fi loud speakers.

Permanent magnets are the lumps of metal that stay magnetic all the time.

Like all things, magnets, especially electromagnets, can have a negative side. The amount of electromagnetic waves we are being constantly subjected to; via radio waves mobile phones and electrical power transmission lines, need a great deal more honest research.


Magnetic therapists work with the positive side, the use of magnets to help relieve pain.


Public interest in the potential of magnet therapy is growing. Over the years there have been several positive magazine articles about the benefits of magnets in the relief of pain.


In Japan magnets have been used for a very long time, They also use very tiny needles and it is thought that these work the same way as magnets but they have to be positioned very precisely and you need a magnifying glass to get them into place, this is not the case with magnets.


Since magnetism is all around us and is such an immense subject we can only skim the surface in a short article so here are a few “taster” lines.




Why magnets give benefits:-

Put a tight clamp round the petrol feed to an engine and it will not work. Restrict blood and energy flows within your body and it will not work. Eat foods that clog the digestive and excretion systems, live within such stress that it overpowers all else, then nothing will work.

Magnets ease the flow of both energy and blood. The energy links the spirit, emotions, mind and body to each other. So magnets can act as a signal booster, as used on TV sets when the reception is poor; but there has to be a signal and there has to be a reception, magnets can improve and they can speed repair but they can not put in place that which is not there.







How to best use small fixed magnets to improve blood flow.:-

In circumstances away from a limb, e.g. the lower back, Placing magnets in a circle around a painful area improves the blood flow in the capillaries, this improves the conducting of nutrients to the injured site and removal of waste products away from it.

Placing a series of magnets around a tube that carries “semi-viscous fluid” improves the flow of that fluid. So if magnets are placed at say 2 inch ( 4.5cm) spacing around an arm then the flow of blood within the arm is improved. ( it is best to place this ring between the heart and the affected part of the limb) The level of improvement is dependent on a combination of many factors, including the strength of the magnets the thickness of the arm, the fat layer between the magnets and the blood vessels, the viscosity of the blood and the blood pressure/flow rate combination.







There is great controversy over the effects of high voltage electrical power transmission lines and the health of people living in close proximity to these. The transmission of alternating electrical energy along a wire creates a magnetic field. All of us are subjected to invasion by forms of energy that are not natural to life. Radio waves, X rays, micro wave transmissions, TV transmissions, the list is long but all of these are energy forces that constantly invade our bodies. There are as many views on the effects of these as there are experts to give the views, but all are relatively unnatural at the intensity and level we are now subjected to.




The use of fixed magnets may restore some balance and normality, it is even possible that

use of magnets will assist the body to cope with the increased numbers of free radicals that our modern bodies are subjected to. Free radicals are the oxygen molecules that have an electron missing. This shows a connection with electromagnetic forces and so to magnetic forces

This all indicates the possibility that magnets may be used to improve both the flow and the quality of blood. If this is the case then we get a two fold beneficial effect from placement of magnets around the site of injury. There is an other possibility of beneficial effect and that comes from the normalization or neutralization of localized abnormal electromagnetic forces.

What ever the actual mechanism there is much anecdotal evidence, from all round the world, of the effectiveness of magnetic bandages, magnetic insole in shoes, magnetic wrist bands, magnetic mattresses etc

The scope for serious research into this whole area is great but it will have to be serious open minded research not the normal “Prove this is safe or we will be in trouble” type research. Research should establish facts but these days most medial research seems to be a part of the marketing effort. The imperatives are now, not to “waste” money but to find a product that can be sold at a profit.





Peter Rose has retired from practice but still run on line- communication by e mail-- courses to train people in Magnetic Therapy. It is no good the intuition telling you that the car will not start because the plugs are faulty, if you do not know what a plug is or how to fix them. Nor is it any good if you know all this but do not have a spanner to fit the plugs. So training and study are needed.

There are a whole range of courses from, those for people who simply want to be more informed on how to use magnets on themselves, to full courses leading to a qualification. All courses consist of full study notes. While there is recommend further reading, you can complete all the courses based on the study notes provided. At the end of each study section there are questions that the student has to answer. These are emailed to Peter Rose and he will e mail back with comments.

The full course is us usually done over 4 main parts.

For practitioners qualified in other therapies; the courses can be tailor made to use the prior knowledge and understanding of the student.

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